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  • Luigi Faillace - oculista Firenze

    Dr. Luigi Faillace


    • Viale Giacomo Matteotti, 1/A, Firenze

      Studio Oculistico Matteotti

    We highly recommend Dr. Luigi Faillace. We were in a desperate situation recently and travelling from Toronto, Canada on vacation during this past summer. My husband was having an eye emergency on our 5th day in Florence, Italy and we found Dr. Faillace’s contact in the Google search engine. He was so kind to stay open for us past business hours while we jumped into a taxi to get to him from our hotel. We were very grateful he spoke some English so that we could communicate together in a time of many unknowns and uncertainty. “Oculista” is a new term we will always remember as we will always remember him! Dr. Faillace kindly took my husband in and we discussed his symptoms which were followed by a very thorough examination including a few different eye examinations and the use of high-end equipment in his office. Dr. Faillace determined that my husband was having a serious retinal detachment (approx. 75% detached when we returned home) and evidence of a macular hole in the eye. He was very kind and calm in communicating his diagnosis which happened to be a very serious matter requiring surgery within 1-2 days, he insisted. We were lucky to have met Dr. Faillace, we have since communicated with him following my husband’s surgery back in Toronto, and he’s quite an exceptional person. While Dr. Faillace recommended surgery in Florence through a specialist/surgeon there, we felt it was best to return to Toronto as we would have had to stay in Florence for approx. 4-6 wks due to recovery and not being able to fly. Dr. Faillace literally saved my husband’s eye by meeting with us, stayed open for us to get there, thoroughly examined him and diagnosed him quite confidently. I know he was very disappointed with the diagnosis and was very sensitive in handling us with care and compassion. It was extremely stressful!! We are so grateful to have met Dr. Faillace. We highly recommend him should you ever need an Oculista!! We are well aware that the situation could have gone in a very different direction without being seen by him. While we know we are still dealing with many unknowns right now during the recovery period, we feel very blessed to have met Dr. Faillace. Without him, there would not have been the opportunity to save his eye. Thank you so much, Raquel and Alan Feldberg. …Altro
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  • Mario Ristori - dentista Firenze

    Dr. Mario Ristori


    • Via Luigi Morandi 120, Firenze

      Studio Medico

    Il Dottor Mario Ristori è un professionista competente, disponibile, attento ai bisogni isogni dei suoi pazienti e in grado di spiegare chiaramente il problema individuato ed il percorso terapeutico da intraprendere. Personalmente lo consiglio. …Altro

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  • Gabriele Brogi - dentista Firenze

    Gabriele Brogi


    • Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 49, Firenze

      Studio Dentistico Brogi&Franci

    ablazione 50 €

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